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As the UK’s largest supplier of quality liming products, we are aware of a requirement for more detailed knowledge about their use.

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Sugar Beet

Mild yield effects can be seen on mineral soils below pH 6.5, with serious yield impact effects below pH 6.0. Correct your soil pH before planting.


Barley is the most pH sensitive cereal crop. Independent liming trials show yield can be reduced by 2.0t/ha where pH drops from 6.5 to 5.5


Oilseed rape is one of the more pH susceptible crops. Soil pH should be managed with an application of LimeX pre-planting.


Declining pH lowers soil fertility and sward productivity. Grass grows best at pH 6.5 and above on mineral soils. LimeX helps farmers maintain the pH of their grassland to optimise nutrient uptake and maximise returns from their crop and livestock.


Incorporating LimeX at the pre-planting stage offers unrivalled suppression of clubroot in field scale and glasshouse brassicas.


LimeX can improve the skin finish of potatoes. Replicated trials confirm reduced incidence of common scab where LimeX is applied pre-planting. There are no known negative effects from previous LimeX application to following potato crops.


On mineral soils, low pH can induce deficiencies in phosphorous and potash that can slow root and stalk development and delay maturity. LimeX will rapidly correct soil pH to optimise nutrient availability.


Incorporating LimeX at the pre-planting stage is proven to give good control of cavity spot and is an effective alternative to crop protection treatments.

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