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Soil Sampling

Soil sampling provides farmers with the insight to make decisions about liming and soil pH correction. It also supports targeted crop investment, avoiding low yields as a consequence of low soil pH and poor nutrient uptake.


British Sugar’s soil sampling service is available for all rotations, regardless of crop – not just sugar beet!

pH measurement

Soil analysis report

Treatment recommendations

Supply and spreading

pH measurement

Our popular and respected service sees the professional collection of soil samples from nominated fields, the careful testing of those samples and the production of accurate pH maps with LimeX recommendation where required.


Precise pH values are clearly shown for each part of the surveyed field. This allows LimeX applications to be highly cost-effective, applying the product at the correct rate where it is needed.


Field maps also assist hauliers to locate safe tipping points and ensure spreading contractors have the specific ‘field by field’ detail they require for overall or part-field treatment.

Soil analysis report

A comprehensive soil analysis can be carried out on a range of other parameters including nutrients and organic matter. A fertiliser recommendations can be provided in accordance with RB209 for the following crop.

Treatment recommendations

FACTS-qualified members of the LimeX team review results to provide technical recommendations that take into account specific crop rotation. The team’s due care and attention ensure accurate calculations for the rate of LimeX required, for maximum cost-efficiency.

Supply and spreading

LimeX’s ‘delivered and spread’ package is a popular choice with our customers, with experienced safety-approved haulage and spreading contractors providing a timely and cost-effective service.

An alternative option is the backloading of LimeX during the sugar beet campaign. Hauliers can collect LimeX immediately after delivering beet to the factory, saving transport cost and reducing the overall cost of LimeX treatment to our customer.

Customers can collect ex-factory if preferred.

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