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LimeX is the UK's leading agricultural liming product for the correction of soil pH

LimeX helps maximise crop yield and profitability, containing four essential nutrients – calcium, phosphate, magnesium and sulphur.

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LimeX70 is a friable (readily crumbled) pressed lime that is easily spread and ideal for the correction of soil acidity

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Total P205 ­..... 9kg/t
Total MgO....... 8kg/t
Total SO3 ­........ 7kg/t

LimeX is a truly versatile product, restoring pH in soils across a wide-range of arable crops including sugar beet, cereals, oilseeds, brassicas, carrots, potatoes and maize. LimeX is also widely used for soil pH correction in grassland and forage crops. Furthermore, it is used on many specialist field and glasshouse vegetable and horticultural crops.

LimeX has Soil Association approval for use in organic farming systems.

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Quality Assured

LimeX is Aglime Quality Standard (AQS) accredited and complies with UK national and EU regulatory standards. Rigorous annual testing by independent laboratories ensures its efficacy; confirming reactivity, neutralising value, fineness, calcium, phosphate, magnesium and sulphur content.

Quality Assured

Soil pH & nutrient availability

Low soil pH can have a significant impact on yield potential due to a reduction in the uptake of soil nutrients and applied fertiliser. LimeX corrects pH giving farmers confidence that their soils are best-placed for yield optimisation, delivering increased profitability.

Soil pH & nutrient availability
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What our customers have to say about Limex

“LimeX always spreads evenly across the spreader width which makes for an accurate application. I know for sure that farmers are seeing a very clear benefit over the cost of applying LimeX in their crop yields and grassland output.”


The visual benefits in establishment and growth in oilseed rape following an application of LimeX are incredible. There are a lot of repeat customers and their neighbours are also starting to ask for it.”


LimeX provides a great alternative in what is traditionally a high magnesium soil in this area. Calcium is a very important input here and the crop response to LimeX is dramatic.”


Malcolm Forbes, LimeX distributor, haulier and spreading contractor, Durham


What our customers have to say about Limex

"Many growers in Cornwall need a product which acts fast as they are short term tenants on fields for vegetable production. Alternative liming products don’t act fast enough for them to see the benefits but LimeX does!"

"LimeX is very competitive with other sources of lime supplied into the area, even when considering the transport costs from Newark and Wissington."

"It is very good at controlling clubroot in Brassicas, along with the added benefits of the extra nutrients, it is a great all-round product for vegetable producers."

"Some of the farmers in Cornwall have now started to use it on their grassland to increase productivity having seen the benefits on their other crops."


L.P. Stephens & Sons, approved haulage contractors and approved distributors, Truro

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