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Newsletter - Using LimeX improves soil health

Thu 23 May 2024

Newsletter - Using LimeX improves soil health

Identify the issues

Most pH issues are easy to identify by having soil sampled regularly. Issues can occur in pockets within a field or across the whole field. Correctly identifying and resolving these problem areas will significantly impact the field’s overall yield potential.

After a year of extensive improvements, the British Sugar Soil Sampling service is ready for the upcoming busy season. The dedicated team is eager to demonstrate the service's enhanced capabilities and capacity with testing ranging from simple pH analysis through to in depth nutrient analysis, organic matter, carbon and BCN/FLN analysis if required. 

Treatment recommendations

FACTS-qualified members of the LimeX team review the results to provide technical recommendations that consider specific crop rotation or other requirements. With the additional benefit of 9kg Phosphate, 8kg Magnesium and 6kg of Sulphur in every tonne LimeX can also offset some fertiliser costs. Precision at this stage offers confidence in the rate of LimeX required and ensures outstanding cost-efficiency.

Supply and spreading 

A popular approach is the LimeX ‘delivered & spread’ package, which comprises experienced safety-approved haulage and spreading contractors who provide a professional, timely, and cost-effective service.  

An alternative option is to fully take advantage of the backloading opportunity available from all our sites during the beet campaign. Hauliers can collect LimeX immediately after delivering the beet to the factory, saving transport costs.

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